Land of Lights is looking to increase its online leads with a new website



The objective is to increase the number of new leads coming into the website. We’ll do this by doing two things:


First and foremost, give your current and future clients an online space where they can find you 24/7 and build a connection with you.

Second, provide you opportunity to grow your online platform and build a bigger audience via blogging or other tactics.

I have explained more about how I plan to achieve this in the next sections.

Please read through the information carefully and if you are ready to work together, there will be a button at the end to email me your approval.

Laptop on table that reads I design and develop experiences that make people's lives simple

Your New Website

Let’s talk about what your site will need for each section or page. Each area will benefit you greatly and help form a connection with your potential client.

Content for the site



Solid calls to action for both contacting you and signing up for your email list. This will help both customer get in touch with you, and people who want to become a part of your blogging audience.


We are going to want photos. Photos of you and the business. Remember to think like the customer: What do they want to see?


If you have any data that proves lighting can increase the value of someone’s home, USE IT.


This will be what you offer to the client. Which areas of the business that someone will contact you for.


A contact form will be placed at the bottom of each page as well as buttons throughout the layouts for people to contact you and sign up for your newsletter.


How do you work? What’s required of your clients? It’s worth detailing your process in advance.


It’s worth giving an indication of your pricing. This will typically reduce the number of inquiries but increase the quality a huge amount. Of course, you don’t have to put pricing if it feels like something that can’t be narrowed down too much.


In this day and age, it’s vital to give away content and advice in advance in order to “win people over” that you’re the right company for the job. Frequently asked questions from the kinds of clients you want more of is a great place to start when thinking about what content to produce.

Blog Posts

If you already have blog posts written up, put those in a document so they can be quickly uploaded to the site.

Relax, all of my websites are ‘Responsive’.
Computer, Tablet or Phone- it will look great!


Step 1 Interview

Here is where we go over exactly what you are looking for and what your website will need. It’s very important to go over as much detail as possible, and think long and hard about the functionality of your website.

Step 2 Design choice

Here is where we decide on which layout pack to use for the site. This will be the look and feel of your website, so it will be important to choose what you like best, but also keep in mind this will be how potential clients view your company. How do you want to be perceived by them?

Step 3 Website content

Now we have your design locked-in, we can begin to construct the website. Any copywriting will need to be gathered, whether you are writing it yourself or hiring a copywriter.

Any photos will need to be gathered at this stage as well.

Step 4 Website build

Taking everything you have provided, the website will be built according to the layout chosen.

IMPORTANT: the website can be built and put together as soon as we have a layout chosen, but until you have your content ready to go on the site (copywriting, photos, etc.), then the site will only contain stock photos and “Lorem Ipsum” text.

Step 5 Launch

Launch Day! With your website being new, we won’t have to worry about a specific day or time to launch your site. But it is something to be done carefully.

If you choose to sign up for my monthly maintenance and hosting, the site won’t have to be migrated anywhere because it will already be on my server.

In total, it will take between 1 – 2 weeks to get your website live.

IMPORTANT: Due to another client project that I’m currently working on, I won’t be able to start this project until around Nov 1. This is so I can devote all my attention to you and give you my absolute best.

Also, please keep in mind that this estimated project time depends on factors that include gathering content. It’s okay if it takes a while to get your content together, stuff happens, but I just want to be clear that if it does take a while, then that will hold up the project and delay things.

Your Investment


With pricing, I want you to remember something: This is an investment in your business. Similar to the tools you buy to make your work easier, this will be another tool to help your business.

You also have to remember that your website will help generate you revenue. This will directly effect your business for the better. If you get just ONE client from this website, that has the potential to pay for the website multiple times over.

The Cost

Here I have a few options for you: A one page site, a multi page site, and I included what it costs month-to-month for my maintenance and hosting plan. You don’t have to sign up for the monthly plan, but it will give you peace of mind knowing that your site is being taken care of each month by a professional.

IMPORTANT: Below I also have listed what I think will be the pages or sections of the site. If I missed anything, or you have another area you would like to add, PLEASE let me know as soon as possible.

Choose between A or B

A: Website Development

One page site (landing page)

B: Website Development

Multi-page site (Home, About, Services, Contact, Blog)

Optional: Maintenance & Hosting

Monthly service to take care of your site for you

The Real Cost: THOUSANDS…Profit!

There’s the amount of money changing hands during this transaction and then there’s, what I call, “The Real Cost”.

This is the cost of our service, factored into the cost of you doing business, then working out what’s left.

My Guarantee

My guarantee to you is that I will treat your website like my own. If you are looking for someone to sit down, shut up, and do what you say, then I’m not your guy.

But if you are looking for someone to take care of you, make decisions on your behalf for the betterment of your online presence, and treat you like their own, then I’m your man.


If you would love to work with you, and if you feel the same, then let’s get started!


Next steps

Just send me an email letting me know you’re ready to go. After that, I will send you documents to sign and we will get this project started November 1st.

I’m ready to go, are you…?


Here, I will provide a couple resources regarding website hosting. If you need to, feel free to ask me any questions regarding hosting and even look up YouTube videos to help better explain.



WP Engine

Quick Note: WP Engine recently bought FlyWheel FYI, but also if I had to pick a host different from mine (Cloudways) then I would most like go with FlyWheel. They are a WordPress specific host, meaning they ONLY host WordPress websites, so they know what they’re doing. Also, I really appreciate that all their plans have pretty much the same features, so you aren’t cut off by having a lower-tiered plan.